Here for families of seriously-ill children. Always.

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support for bereaved families

“As adults and parents we struggle to come to terms with the loss of our little girl, but at least we have some life experience that from time to time we can draw upon for perspective. Our main wish for our son is that he continues to have a normal and enjoyable childhood. Clearly our lives have changed but we do not want his childhood to pay the cost and knowing we have this program to rely on and to keep a look out for him means a great deal to us.
The word ‘Always’ at the end of your tagline, really is a genuine promise and we are immensely grateful for it”
- Shelley Duggan

bereavement child and youth

Bereavement support offered before the death of a child:
At the point when you are given the devastating news that your child’s prognosis is terminal often lots of support is offered in the form of medical intervention. We have trained members of the team who can support you practically and emotionally through this difficult time. Support offered to your child could be:

- Play sessions tailored to the wishes and ability of your child

- End of life aromatherapy as an ancillary pain management for your child
- Assistance with filling in wish making applications
- Support in helping fill out an ACP to advocate for your child’s wishes

- Helping a family to articulate their views to family, friends and the wider support network

Butterfly support for siblings:
When grieving for your own loss it can be difficult to comprehend how to support your child/children through their own feelings of grief. We have trained members of staff who, through the use of age appropriate therapeutic activities, can create a safe space for your child to safely talk through their feelings. In addition we also offer:
- Support for siblings anticipating the loss of their brother or sister
- A youth driven remembrance day
- Assistance with getting the right care in place at school for bereaved siblings


bereavement parental support Parental Support

bereavement child and youth support Child and Youth Support

bereavement remembrance Remembrance



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