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Remembering a charity in your Will - guest blog from Lesley MacDonald

Nobody likes to think about death but as the saying goes death and taxes are the only certainties in life!  

Sebastian's Action Trust supports families from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.  Sadly for some families 'beyond' means the loss of their precious, much loved child.  As Godparents to Sebastian and supporters of the Trust from its inception, we want to help ensure that the Trust continues to support families of seriously-ill children.

That is why we have left a legacy to the Trust in our Wills.  Making a Will does not have to be a complicated or difficult process, but it is a necessary one if you want to ensure that your loved ones and causes you are passionate about benefit when you have gone.  

Wills and legacies are difficult subjects to broach with supporters which is why 'Remember a Charity' week is so important.  If it reminds just one person to put

down in a Will that they would like a legacy to go to Sebastian's Action Trust, then it has achieved its purpose.


lesley for guest blog


Lesley taking part in a Crown and Tiara run for the Trust 


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