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Standards in Fundraising by Mark Courage

Charities generate media coverage every single week, often positive and, sadly, sometimes for all the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, adverse publicity surrounding just a small handful of charities can affect perceptions of the sector as a whole. As Chair of Trustees for Sebastian’s Action Trust, part of my remit is to ensure all our activity is not just legally compliant, but is also fair and ethical.

Without a single penny of Government funding, we rely on our fundraising endeavours to provide what is often a lifeline for so many families.  We are keen to ensure everyone who donates to Sebastian’s Action Trust feels secure doing so. We want our supporters to help because they want to and because they understand how their donations will help us offer vital support to families of seriously-ill children. Acknowledging and thanking our donors and demonstrating the impact their donation has made is also important to us.

This month we officially signed up to the Fundraising Regulator.  The Regulator sets and maintains standards for charitable fundraising. By signing up to the Regulator we are agreeing to ensure all our fundraising is legal, open, honest and respectful. We will abide by the Regulator’s fundraising promise which can be read in full here.

I am proud to be Chair of Trustees for Sebastian’s Action Trust – a charity which makes a real difference to  families facing the most difficult of times. By signing up to the Fundraising Regulator, we now have an official framework to demonstrate we are adhering to the standards which I feel are vital for any charity.


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