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Bluebells Choir – You Rock!

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Last Saturday marked another first for Sebastian's Action Trust when our newly formed Bluebells choir experienced their debut public performance.

To rapturous applause the choir,ranging in age from three to sixty and comprising parents, grandparents, siblings and young people with complex health needs performed their rendition of Gary Barlow's 'Sing' at the Mayor's Concert at the Anvil Theatre in Basingstoke. In spite of only three group rehearsals the forty strong choir delivered a faultless performance to a visibly moved, dewy eyed audience.

Here is what just a few of our families have said about Bluebells choir:

"Well we're all still buzzing in the Thorne household from last night! Well done to everyone, amazing performance and super proud to be part of it. Britains got talent should hear bluebells choir!!! X" – Zoe Thorne

"So proud of my little boy, husband and Bluebells Families Choir. We rocked x x now for sleep and to attempt tomorrows challenge xx" – Lyndsay Dobson

"Last night the charity that support our family (Sebastian's Action Trust)- performed one song on stage at the concert hall in Basingstoke to 1400 people or thereabouts as part of the mayors concert. The families formed a choir of 40 parents and children and all three of my children were on stage. In event, I pushed Isaac onto the stage in his buggy sound asleep at 7.45- we couldn't keep him awake any longer ... But through the rehearsals that afternoon he held my hand on stage and jigged about and squealed or ran off. I kept waiting for someone to point out that the choir had worked hard on this performance and maybe I should remove Isaac so as not to ruin it. No one did. There was not so much of a hint of it. Children are unreliable . Any one of those special kiddos on stage could have lost the plot and screamed at the lights crowds and sounds , a good number of the kids are epileptic- any of them could have had a major seizure on stage at any point- maybe some did and I didn't notice , it could easily have happened. At least one parent was concerned their child could spontaneously start throwing up. Basically, as a group we were a set of disasters waiting to happen! But the group took a chance on Isaac, they took a chance on all of them, to say here we are, this is us, we stand together. That meant a lot to me. People mattered over perfection. But you know what? In the end, against the odds, a bunch of very unreliable kids and previously unmusical parents totally nailed it. We rocked. But I could be fairly certain if the worse had happened, three kids had fitted, three had screamed, two had vomited and Isaac had sang the Star Wars theme in the quiet bit then escaped and ran up to the lady mayoress and bit her on the bosoom- I kid you not, it was highly possible – they still would have stood together with us and laughed it all off. ( well... Maybe not the mayoress' bosom......)" – Claire Halls

We are proud to be a Family of Families. As a charity our ethos stems from a desire to give meaningful support to families by walking alongside them through the good days, bad days and everything in between. Much of what we offer is family- led; we aim to address unmet needs and that includes finding ways to make fun experiences whole family inclusive in spite of disability or complex needs. In response to countless requests we will work towards making the Bluebells choir a regular feature in our programme of activities for families who face enormous challenges on a daily basis, so that every family member can sparkle and shine.




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