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Leo SeymourLeo's Legacy

Leo's eulogy

Leo was a very much wanted and longed for baby.

He was a beautiful smiley little boy, very affectionate, loving cuddles, and a real character.

Leo was very sociable and conversed confidently with adults from a very early age.

He was an intelligent young man and even at primary school had a very enquiring mind.

Leo was very sporty for a few years having a go at everything though he was not very good at having to take second place.

Leo played football for two clubs in Bracknell, rowed for a while at Dorney Lake, swam for Bracknell and Wokingham swimming club and tried boxing for a short period.

Leo was only a few months old when he attended his first football match on a family holiday down in Plymouth.

Leo loved going to watch Chelsea play with his dad. Even his sister, Zoe, and mum, Mandy, ventured up there one very cold Boxing Day on a family day out. He became quite a well known character up at Stamford Bridge where he used to sell an unofficial programme managing to make a tidy sum on the side.

His time at primary school ended with us having to make decisions about his secondary education.

Leo’s behaviour had started to become difficult and we were really not sure what was best for him.

In an attempt to give him a new start we sent him to Sandhurst secondary school. Sadly he only lasted just over two years there.

Then we had to decide what to do next.

Garth secondary school in Bracknell took him on knowing there were problems.

Unfortunately he lasted only two terms.

It was around this time that Leo was diagnosed with ODD - Oppositional Defiant Disorder - which explained much of his behaviour.

He attended a pupil referral unit in Bracknell for a short while but it did not go well.

Leo was then educated at home, first on the computer and then by tutors. He did take his GCSEs and did obtain some qualifications.

Sadly education and Leo were not a good mix despite the fact that he was a very intelligent young man and could have gone far.

The next period in his life is difficult to describe.

Leo had become involved in a world alien to us and was taking drugs on a regular basis.

He got in deeper and deeper and seemingly could not find a way out. Sadly this led to us losing him at the age of 20.


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