Here for families of seriously-ill children. Always.

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Having my outreach worker and The Trust in our lives for the last two years has been wonderful. The practical and emotional support you have offered to myself and my family has been amazing. We all feel very at home in The Bluebells and really feel like part of a big family of families”- Felicity Etherington

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We recognise that having a child with a life-limiting diagnosis has a varied and distinct impact on every member of the family. Our Outreach Workers come alongside families to assess their needs, in order to create a bespoke, holistic care plan.

Outreach workers are trained to be able to help support families emotionally, practically and socially in a variety of ways. This could range from providing a listening ear, practical assistance in getting out of the house, to organising events to introduce families who are similarly affected.

“…as a result of the support I receive I am more able to support my child and family”.


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