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Here are just a few simple everyday ways you can make a difference to the Trust without having to go to the lengths of taking on a sponsored challenge or organising an event:

Collect up your coppers
Each penny and pound donated really does help. By putting aside your coppers when you empty your pockets at night, after you have been shopping or when you are de-cluttering your purse you could save up a donation for the Trust and not even notice the difference. We have a huge stack of small change boxes waiting to be filled and would be delighted to send you one to get you started. When the box is full all you have to do is count up the money, pay it in to the bank and send a cheque to: 

Sebastian's Action Trust
The Woodlands
Upper Broadmoor Road
RG45 7FN

or drop the box in to The Bluebells.

If each of our supporters committed to filling one small change box a year – just think what a difference that would make.

Recycle with us
By donating any old mobile phones, used printer cartridges, used stamps and books you have finished with you could help us raise funds. The Trust gets a substantial donation for recycling phones and cartridges. Good quality books can be sold in our charity bookshop Bas Books – and any that are too damaged to sell can be recycled for cash. By asking your company to collect these items for the Trust you and your colleagues could generate considerable funds simply by donating things you no longer need.

Join our 50:50 Club for the chance to win monthly cash prizes
For just £5 a month you could take a number in our 50:50 Club prize draw. It is called 50:50 because 50% of your £5 will go directly towards funding the Trust’s work and the other 50%, along with that of all the other members, will go into a prize pot. Each month the prize pot is divided between 4 winners with first prize being 50%, second prize being 25%, third prize 15% and fourth prize 10% of the prize pot. To download a form click here

Nominate us
If your company, church, school, group or organisation is thinking of raising funds for a good cause, whether it be as a one-off event or taking on a charity for the year, please nominate Sebastian’s Action Trust. By putting the Trust forward you will also be helping to spread the word about who we are and what we do.

Organise an event for us
You can make it as simple or elaborate as you like, but whatever you do to raise funds for the Trust you can be sure your efforts will be hugely appreciated. Whether you organise a cake sale, charity car wash, sponsored walk or embark on an adventure we are always happy to offer advice and encouragement.

Bake It With Love

Hold a Bake it With Love event with your friends, work colleagues or your child's nursery or toddler group and raise funds for the Trust. Find out more here.

Go shopping

Yes, it is that simple. If you register with and select Sebastian's Action Trust, then go through the website every time you do online shopping, you can help raise funds for the Trust without it costing you a penny extra!

Eat out

Visit, select Sebastian's ActionTrust and make your table reservation to generate a donation to the Trust. With over 7000 restaurants to choose from, this really is an easy way to make a difference.

For more information email:




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